Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of companies that spent a great deal of money on your Twitter and Facebook accounts only to find that neither produced much of anything for your bottom line? It is nice to think that a bunch of likes and tweets could result in throngs of people breaking down your door to buy your products or services. The fact is, with very little exception, people who are tweeting and liking are usually in a certain, younger demographic. If you are selling vacuum cleaners, then it is most likely that your potential customer is not tweeting about cyclonic technology on a daily, or hourly basis. Or reading tweets about it either.

With social media, there has to be a plan that makes sense. Pinterest might be a good social media option if you are an interior designer or aspiring chef. Not so much for vacuum cleaners. Bloggers use Pinterest deftly to promote their properties. It’s a great place to upload images that will be found on image searches. For business, think about LinkedIn to connect with industry leaders or Google Circles for early adopters. Social media is not limited to Facebook or Twitter – there are other options that have engaged the time and interest of your target market – you might just have to dig a little deeper.

Social media is not the end-all of internet marketing. It can be, however, a great tool when used correctly and when the right tool is used. There are so many online vehicles that will work for businesses, you just have to find the one that is right for your industry and your pocketbook.