seo Palm Beach ranking chartOne of the first questions people ask us is “how long will it take for our site to get on the first page of results or #1″.  Most of the time, they are not happy with the answer which is, unfortunately, “it depends”.  We tell people that a new site will take longer than an established site, a site with penalties will take even longer.  A site where you did SEO before and stopped will take longer than one that has been well-managed, and so on.  Every site is different.  Every competitive niche and keyword is different.

BrightLocal just finished an extensive survey of SEOs to try and pin down the “how long” question.  And, not surprisingly, the answer was “it depends”.  However, this particular study did break down the times by various business scenarios.  You will find interesting reading in the full article here.   The chart above shows one of the survey results which is for a competitive location and niche.

We are totally focused on ROI.  So no matter how long it takes, you will get a positive ROI for your investment in SEO for your site.  Our goal is, of course, sooner rather than later.  But as the Web gets more and more crowded, the task only gets harder and you will need the very best talent to get your site where it needs to be so you can increase your sales and bottom line.