We keep pretty close track of what is going on with Google penalties around here. One thing we have long suspected, and was just confirmed, is that there isn’t much you can do if you have incurred a Penguin penalty on your site other than fix the infractions and wait. How long should you wait? There’s the rub. As we just found out from Google this morning, you have to wait until the next algorithm refresh. The last one was over 300 days ago. How long are you willing to wait if it could be a few days, or another year?

There are things we can do to help you get back in the game, but one thing is for sure, we don’t like waiting. Waiting costs everyone money, especially when you rely on your site for a substantial portion of your company’s traffic and revenue. We have included a video (below) which is part rant and part information. There is also a link to an article describing what is going on with the Penguin penalties. Just food for thought. We think you don’t like waiting either, right?

News article here.