The growth of mobile internet traffic is hard to comprehend.  In 2012, mobile devices accounted for just 52% of company site traffic according to the website.  In 2013, this traffic accounted for more than 72%.  More hand held devices, the growth of android devices and tablets account for this unprecedented growth.

The Mobile Marketing Association cites that 53% of American consumers use their phones to search via the search engines every day.  There is no denying that this is a force to be considered when crafting an online marketing strategy.

Your company will want to jump on this bandwagon in order to increase sales and revenue and not get left behind in the digital dust.  The first question you should ask your tech staff is:  Can your site be found on mobile devices?  Is it responsive to phones and tablets?  Can your potential customers find the information and products they are searching for on their mobile devices so they can make a call or a purchase?

Surprisingly, only 44% of local businesses that have mobile optimized websites have iPhone apps.  Even fewer, 33%, have an Android app and fewer still, just 26%, have an iPad app.  How much more business could you be getting from mobile customers if your business had apps in place?

It shouldn’t surprise you then that 88% of consumers who are searching for a particular type of local business will go to or call that particular business within 24 hours.  The very nature of mobile is that it is “action” oriented.  These stats are compiled from the Google Mobile Movement Study and indicate just how powerful holding a complete yellow pages in your hand is.  Today’s businesses that take advantage of this proximity are well ahead of the game and positioned to enjoy even more online success in the months and years ahead.


And, in case you doubt how important mobile devices are to commerce, now you can even use them in flight.