We tell our clients that anything they want to achieve online is possible if they have the will, the time and the pocketbook.

So you need to know a few things.  We don’t work with everyone.  We won’t work on payday loan sites, porn sites, MLM businesses or start-ups.  If you have an ongoing business that needs to grow, we can help you discover lost revenue that should be reflected in your top line.

If you tell us a little about your company and you meet our criteria above, we will do our due diligence and get back to you with lost opportunities in your market and a presentation that will blow you away.  We will also tell you what your competition is doing to win business that you are not.

Use the contact form below and tell us (in the message area):

  1. Your company website’s URL and the best phone number to reach you at.
  2. If you use any social media in your marketing mix such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google+ or Pinterest.
  3. Your average ticket ($ sale) or average client fee.
  4. The keywords you are currently targeting.
  5. If you do any pay-per-click ads such as Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.
  6. Your current advertising spend per month. (Yellow Pages, billboards, radio, online,  etc.)
  7. If you’ve ever had SEO done on your site before.
  8. Anything else you want us to know about your company, your goals, or your competition.

You will receive a customized report that will reveal the profitable opportunities that are waiting for you based on successful processes that have made our clients millions.

Thanks and we look forward to receiving your information and hearing from  you.

Mary and James

P.S. You can always call us at (888) 854-3910.