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Why No Hat is Best

Perhaps you’ve heard the terms black hat, grey hat and white hat when referring to SEO practices. The shades of hats are an attempt to strike an emotional response with people because everyone wants to be the guys in the white hats.

The fact is that anything you do to try and […]

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Penalty Purgatory

We keep pretty close track of what is going on with Google penalties around here. One thing we have long suspected, and was just confirmed, is that there isn’t much you can do if you have incurred a Penguin penalty on your site other than fix the infractions and wait. How long […]

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Mobile Traffic for Local Business

The growth of mobile internet traffic is hard to comprehend.  In 2012, mobile devices accounted for just 52% of company site traffic according to the website.  In 2013, this traffic accounted for more than 72%.  More hand held devices, the growth of android devices and tablets account for this unprecedented growth.

The Mobile Marketing Association […]

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