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Mobile Traffic for Local Business

The growth of mobile internet traffic is hard to comprehend.  In 2012, mobile devices accounted for just 52% of company site traffic according to the website.  In 2013, this traffic accounted for more than 72%.  More hand held devices, the growth of android devices and tablets account for this unprecedented growth.

The Mobile Marketing Association […]

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Ranking Results

One of the first questions people ask us is “how long will it take for our site to get on the first page of results or #1″.  Most of the time, they are not happy with the answer which is, unfortunately, “it depends”.  We tell people that a new site will take longer than […]

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The Social Media Lure

Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of companies that spent a great deal of money on your Twitter and Facebook accounts only to find that neither produced much of anything for your bottom line? It is nice to think that a bunch of likes and tweets could result in throngs of people […]

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